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Fiesta Crafts

Stickabout Zoo - Reusable Stickers

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Designed to encourage creativity, each Fiesta Stickabouts board opens up and depicts a themed play scene and glue-free, character stickers that kids can use to create their own stories on the board or place on smooth surfaces around the house.

Stick them to the bath, fridge, floor, doors or bedroom furniture, then quickly and conveniently remove them.

No glue means no sticky residue which also makes them perfect for travel - just wipe them down and create a new story.

Completely reusable, Stickabouts are long-lasting and provide endless play opportunities for younger children who enjoy storytelling or just decorating. Stickabouts Zoo includes 38 pieces that are all enclosed in the convenient carry board with handles. Enjoy hours of fun with the Fiesta Stickabouts range!

Age 3+