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Sonny Angels

Sonny Angels Mini Figures

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$13.95 AUD
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$13.95 AUD

Cute little angel boy who has charmed many with his adorable character and fancy and adorable headgear. 

The major feature of Sonny Angel Mini Figures is that each series is comprised of 12 different figures (regular series). Sonny Angel utilizes blind box packaging; you do not know which figure you will receive until you buy one and open the box.

Sonny Angels Mini Figure Tiny Paper Co. Afterpay Toy Store Australia

There's a lot of excitement that comes with opening a blind box and not knowing which ones will you get. They are all adorable and a perfect cute little gift for Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas. 

Collect them all.

Please note: there’s 12 individual boxes in the series and the listing is for 1 box. Unfortunately we can’t open and choose which ones as they come in a blind box. There’s two series available, Animal Series 1 and Fruit Series.