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Stuka Puka

Market Town Play Set

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Every castle needs a knight. Let your child delve into the magical world of brave knights, strongholds armed to the teeth and unconquered hearts of princesses. Our buildings created with the infinite imagination of young users in mind can evolve from classic monuments to magical fortresses. Fold, unfold, paint, build and combine.

Build a Gothic castle. head the Teutonic Order. Discover the history of one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic defence architecture in Europe … And if you get bored, use your imagination and build something completely new.

– 22 elements.
– 6 elements 9 x 6.8 cm.
– 5 elements 9 x 10 cm.
– 2 elements 24 x 21 cm.
– 2 elements 9.8 x 13 cm.
– 2 elements 9.5 x 10.5 cm.
– 2 elements 9 x 6.5 cm.
– 1 element 32 x 7.5 cm
– 1 element 24 x 6.5 cm.
– 1 element 18 x 6 cm
– Thickness of each element: 3 mm.
– Painted with odourless clear varnish for children.

The text on all our Stuka Puka puzzles is in English.

Stuka Puka is a Polish wooden toy maker combining unique design, educational values and natural materials. Each item in their range is produced with great thought to produce educationally accurate puzzles. Their products are made of the finest materials, hand-finished and safe for the little ones. Stuka Puka are passionate believers that learning through play is a great way to stimulate creative young minds.