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Sonny Angels

Japanese Good Luck Series | Limited Edition PREORDER - Start shipping from 20 May 2024

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Restock dates TBC - Best to follow us on TikTok @tinypaperco for all Sonny Angel news as we are more active there for all Sonny related updates. 

Sonny Angel has delivered “healing” to people all over the world. In May 2021, we celebrate Sonny Angel’s 17th Anniversary with a new series in which Sonny Angel wears traditional Japanese “Lucky Charms” to bring you “healing” and “happiness”.

The series includes various “Lucky Charms” familiar to Japanese people and fans of Japanese culture.
The line-up of cute motifs is a great way to say, “Congratulations” and includes well-known figures such as the Lucky Cat and Guardian Dog.
If you decorate your desk or front door with these charms, you may be lucky!

During these particularly challenging times, Sonny Angel prays for “good luck” for you.
We hope you find some comfort with Sonny Angel.
Sonny Angel is a messenger of healing from Japan to the world.


The packaging for this series is inspired by “mizuhiki”, decorations created from twisted, stiff, rice paper which are traditionally used for celebrations in Japan.
The background is studded with auspicious pine, bamboo and plum designs.
These figures are perfect gifts for everyone and particularly for people from Japan!

The Line up:

Lucky Cat

A Lucky Cat with a cute bell on his neck. His raised left hand/paw will bring you good luck.

Mount Fuji

This figure wears a hat depicting Mount Fuji, perhaps the best recognized symbol of Japan. Pine, bamboo and plum leaves are illustrated on the folding fan.


In Japan, we decorate our rooms with Daruma, brightly colored hollow dolls, so that our wishes will come true. May your wish come true!!

Raccoon Dog

The Raccoon Dog has a long history as a strange, even supernatural animal and is known to be a shape shifter. His round belly is cute!

Guardian Dog

A Guardian Dog is thought to ward off evil spirits. This one is decorated in a houndstooth pattern, also known to be a sign of good luck.


Ebisuten is the god of “prosperous business”. The sea bream in his hand, a fish often served on New Year’s Day and at weddings, is a symbol of “congratulations”.