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Sonny Angels

Hippers Harvest | Sonny Angel PREORDER - Start Shipping from 30 July 2024

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PREORDER - Start Shipping from 30 July 2024


Harvest the cuteness of Hippers Harvest Series! These adorable Sonny Angel figures are designed to bring a bounty of playfulness and cheer to your home, desk or flower pot. Let them watch over you and keep your daily life feeling fresh and lively with their vivid details and colours. Go on, grab a Hipper and start your own decorative harvest!


Put Hippers up and let Sonny Angel watch over you – they’re sure to bring joy and positivity to your day.


There are 12 types of figures + 1 secret for a total of 13 types. Which one will you get? 

Features adhesive side for you to attach the Hipper to your favourite vas, or desktop to look over you and smile. They are removable but the adhesive may decrease in effectiveness after multiple spot changes.