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Dr. Zigs

Dr. Zigs Multi Wand of Bubbles Kit

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$42.95 AUD

Great for introducing toddlers to the whimsical world of giant bubbles, with wands in the length that is more suitable for young children to create LOADS of bubbles at once.

Great to bring along to outings and holidays to capture some stunning memories with these gorgeous multi-colour bubbles. It can easily fit into your travel baggage or suitcase, and can be taken on board for flights. 

Set Includes :

  • A 100ml bottle of the award-winning 10x Concentrate Dr. Zigs bubble mix, this makes 1L of ready-to-go bubble mix
  • A set of 25cm My First Bubble Wands with a coloured Multi-Loop Bubble rope (rope colours are random : red, orange, blue, green)
  • Instruction sheet with tips and tricks to create the best giant bubbles 


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