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Abel Blocks Set of 24

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$200.00 AUD
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$220.00 AUD
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$200.00 AUD

Abel Blocks are lovingly hand made from Beech wood and retain the beautiful natural grain of the timber. The unique curved shape and impressive size of the blocks ensures that everything built or stacked is sure to look quite beautiful and have an architectural quality to it.

Abel blocks provide an opportunity to develop gross motor skills, concentration practice, creativity and imagination, as they are all part of the play process. These beautiful large blocks are a perfect way to encourage children to work together or to play with solo.  

This Abel set of 24 blocks, is a perfect place to start building and to get acquainted with the creative possibilities of the blocks. This set is great for younger children, building towers, creating imaginative stacks and exciting balance games are all possible. All block sets can be combined in order to expand your building potential.

The set comes in a beautiful wooden box.

Due to size and weight, local pick up is preferred.