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Tiny Paper Co. Children Birthday Registry

HEY MAMA, So you have a birthday party coming up. Want to discover the secret to meaningful birthday gifts for your child?

Have you already got waaaaaay too many toys?

Are you over cheap gifts that break quicker than you can say “party bags”?

Do you cringe at the idea of your child opening endless gifts that are tossed aside, every birthday and at Christmas?

Do the toys quickly get donated to charity? Or end up in the bin?

If you’re nodding your head and thinking HELL YES, then you NEED our Birthday Registry!

We know just what you want!

You value a conscious approach to play, just like us. You believe toys should ignite imagination and allow children the space to discover. You seek heirloom pieces that appeal for their aesthetic and their performance. Toys that enrich creativity. Each one, carefully considered for its quality, style and simplicity.

Our toys promise all of this. And there’s an effortless way to ensure your child receives them.

Birthdays are what kid’s dreams are made of. It’s a delight to share the joy on your child’s face when they rip open their gifts, loved ones looking on.
What if you could make these moments even more memorable? If you’re here hoping for exactly this, you’re in the right place.

Curate your child’s birthday gifts with our Birthday Registry

Tiny Paper Co’s Birthday Registry allows you to select the toys you really want your child to have. It enables you to give your child a handful of worthwhile presents rather than menial, cheap gifts. It’s a smart way to reduce waste, avoid double ups and make that kindy mum’s $20 go further. Everyone wins!

Choose from our Birthday Collection of gorgeous toys not listed on the website that are crafted for imaginative play to challenge blossoming minds. Or perhaps you are interested in one of our toys like the ingenious Kid O Alphabuild . The clean lined Hape Dollhouse Mansion. Or the vibrant curves of the Grimm Rainbow. 

Use our Birthday Registry and these kinds of presents become possible for your child.

Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash


So how does it work?

1. Chat with us, Insta @tinypaperco or the FB messenger button on your right corner or email us at Hello@tinypaper.co

2. We'll create your registry page with the party invitation link and email it to you.

3. Share the link to your family and friends who are coming to the party

4. Guests visit the link to get party details and contribute a nominal amount on our website towards the items on your wish list.

5. Enjoy the party! We'll take care of the rest! 

Tiny Paper Co.’s Birthday Registry will solve all your birthday gift woes!

Great! Sign me up! 


1. What is the cost to set up the wishlist for my kid's birthday?

Nothing, this is our service we offer to you. Plus, the toys will be delivered together in a single delivery. Shipping charges may apply depending on how big/heavy the toys are and where you are located in Australia. Metro Melbournians can enjoy  a free shipping with their gift registry. 

2. Will it be gift wrapped?

Your choice, some people prefers less packaging because they are aiming for zero waste, some people prefers gift wrapped and giving the toy one at a time, so the kids can enjoy the toys fully before opening a new one. Gift wrapping service is included in the service + birthday card with people's message in it (for those who contributed)

3. When will the toys be shipped?

You decide, I have parents who wants the kids to open the toys on their birthday, which means it has to be shipped quite early depending on where you are located in Australia. I also have parents who wants to give the guests the chance to contribute up to few days before the birthday. We find it sometimes people tend to only remember to purchase the gifts only when it is closer to the birthday party (we had one contributing an hour before the party).

If you don't mind to wait for the gifts to arrive, we suggest to have the cut off time quite close to their birthday, although it means the gifts won't arrive on the day. Any contributions made after the cut off dates, can be used to purchase a smaller gift + shipping.

Please note, there is only 1 shipping will be made for this wishlist program. Subsequent shipping that may be required may incur small shipping fee. Since we use Australia Post for shipping, the time frame for delivery is beyond our control. One thing for sure, you can expect the packing and handling will be done with high priority on our end. 

4. How many toys should I include in the wishlist?

Depending on how many guests are you inviting. Not all guests will contribute and their contribution usually range from $20-$40 depending on how many children they have and if their siblings are also coming to the party. We suggests to put down between 3-5 toys, we can always add more if needed. 

5. How early should I make this wishlist before the birthday party?

We suggest about 2 months before the birthday party, that way we have enough time to make the special page that you can share and people to have time to contribute. Plus if you want to have the cut off time quite early and get it shipped before the party. 

6. Can I still have the wishlist if it is less than 1 month from the party?

Yes you can, but most likely the gifts will be delivered after the birthday party so that guests have enough time to contribute. 

7. So how do I get started?

Let's start a conversation on what toys do you want to be on the wishlist program and chat with us. Let me know your birthday party details and I can create the page like the example here for Jacob's Birthday E-Invite. 

8. is it safe to put the details on the website?

The link to that page is only for you to share with people you trust. We don't put a link on our navigation page so nobody will know your about your party if you don't tell them. We also remove the page after the birthday is over.

Parents these days often only text the birthday details to their guests, only occasionally they have an actual invitation made up. It is up to you if you want to put a photo of your children, we suggest it's a picture of you and your children. We do not keep a copy of this picture apart from this wishlist program only. 

9. Can I create a Christmas Registry? 

Yes you can, however it has to be done earlier than the Christmas rush in Nov because during the rush, it is almost impossible to hold stock as they move in lightning speed. Also, courier has their Christmas delivery deadline and it can take longer to arrive just because of the sheer number of parcel they need to deliver. We suggest to start the Christmas registry anytime from July onward with 30 Oct deadline. 

Benefits of Registry

1. Better for the kids. They can get better quality open ended toys that gets explored fully.

2. Better for the parents. Hello, less toys to clean up? um yes please.

3. Better for the environment, toys that will last for generations is always a good choice.

4. Better for the guests. No need to guess what toys the kids will love or if there will be duplicates, no more fighting for parking at the mall, no need to gift wrap. Life is busy as is. 

5. Better for small business. Your support helps us in a million way. You rock!


Awesome! Let's get started. 

If you have any more question, feel free to contact us at hello@tinypaper.co and we will get back to you as soon as possible.