Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

 Christmas stocking gifts that are fun and practical

Do you remember what gifts you got in your Christmas stocking as a child? Depending on when and where you grew up, you may remember quality, homemade gifts and fruit in your stocking. Sadly, stocking fillers have been reduced to cheap, plastic toys that quickly end up in the bin. Or sugary treats that send little ones on sweet highs and grumpy lows by noon. 

Isn't it time to bring back Christmas stocking gifts that are fun, useful and memorable? Here's a list of 10 ideas to help you get started. 

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It's time for stocking fillers that parents love to buy and kids love to receive

10. Yummy Tooth Cleaners 

Kids will be queuing up to brush their teeth with Jack n' Jill's range of gorgeous little brushes and organic toothpastes. With flavours like raspberry, blueberry and banana, they're good enough to eat (and safe enough too). The brushes are biodegradable so you can be confident that keeping tiny teeth healthy won’t cost the earth.

Jack N Jill Organic Toothpaste | Tiny Paper Co.

9. Beach Time Sand Play 

It wouldn't be an Aussie Christmas without a day at the beach! And it wouldn't be a day at the beach without sand toys. Create the world's most iconic buildings with these unique sand castle moulds. The Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Opera House and more! The sand moulds are a wonderful way to bring geography and travel learning to life – at the beach!

Hape Sand Castle Moulds | Tiny Paper Co.

8. Get Silly with Putty

Forget about adding eyes and ears to plastic potatoes. Monster Meltdown putty lets kids add scary faces to putty before the monster melts into a pile of goo. Then, they can start all over again. It's not only a toy, it's a tool to help develop fine motor skills. These make great party gifts too. 

Monster Meltdown Sensory Putty | Tiny Paper Co.

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7. Keep Them Active with Books

Lock up the digital tablets and get back to basics with entertaining, educating and engaging activity books. Choose from doodling, drawing, colouring and sticker books. These stocking stuffers will keep the kids busy on the way to Nanna's or the road trip to the beach. 

Discovery Kids Factivity Books | Tiny Paper Co.


6. Get Your Ducks in a Row

Bath toys are finally stylish and hygienic with these mini floating ducks by Kid O. These toys are perfect for the bath as they have no holes or seams for water to get in and grow health hazardous mould. There are three bright colours to get your bath buzzing.

Kid O Mini Ducks Bath Toys | Tiny Paper Co.

5. Chew on This

Don't forget baby when buying your stocking fillers. What's more perfect for bubs than teethers that look like big people’s food? Made from food-grade silicone, these chew toys are creative, colourful and easy to wash. These teethers will entice your bubba to gnaw on something better than the wrapping paper!

Watermelon Silicone Teether | Tiny Paper Co.


4. Giant Water Beads

All the rage on Pinterest, giant water beads lets school age kids get creative (and a bit messy). Just add the transparent beads to coloured water and watch them grow to 2-3cm in diameter. Kids love the feel as they dip their hands into bowls of soft, squishy beads. Perfect for water play throughout summer. 

Giant Water Beads Sensory Play | Tiny Paper Co.

3. Natural Fibre Fashion

Quirky wooden brooches make beautiful Santa gifts for your growing fashionistas. These playful pins can be worn on clothing or to embellish school bags. Choose from the pizza, cat, unicorn, hot dog and many more kooky, Australian made designs. 

Wooden Brooches | Tiny Paper Co.

2. Family Favourite Card Games

Brain Box cards is a kids’ gift that the whole family can enjoy. Versatile and educational, you can play classic card games that will bring everyone together. Choose from four themes that educate and challenge children and adults alike. 


Brainbox Snap Cards Tell The Time | Tiny Paper Co.

1. Wobbly Fun

Kid O's wobble animals will delight babies and toddlers. Watch as they try to tip over these heavy-bottomed creatures that just keep coming up for more! Sitting at 10cm high, the colourful, quality made toys make playful Santa gifts for the younger ones. Choose from the owl, fox or raccoon.

Animal Wobble Racoon | Tiny Paper Co.


That's enough gifts for about six Christmas stockings so I hope there's something for everyone on your Santa list. 

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About Diany: A former career as a banker couldn't be further from a career sourcing quality toys for children but Diany is perfectly happy with the latter. Even before her son was born Diany had always been a self confessed ‘Toy Enthusiast, so when she began running her local toy library in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, the spark for an idea was born - a toy store that offered a birthday registry that makes it easy for parents having to buy the gifts and for those parents receiving them on behalf of their child. Affectionately known as the 'Toy Lady' at school drop off, Diany carefully curates a selection of toys that have play based learning at their core and stand the test of time. 

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