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Peaceable Kingdom

Snug as a Bug In A Rug

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Preschool Snug as a Bug by Peaceable Kingdom

Get all the little colourful bugs under the rug before the 3 stink bugs stink up the place! Watch closely and make those matches! Spin the spinner and find a matching bug. Then slip it under the rug. Take turns spinning and matching and try to get all the bugs under the rug before 3 stink bugs are sitting on top. Each level adds more challenge. Work together to find those matches, and you all win! Unlike most games, Snug as a Bug in a Rug encourages kids to work together to keep the stink bugs off the rug. This way, kids work together, learn together and they help each other! 


  • 1 board game with built-in-spinner
  • 24 colourful bugs
  • 3 stink bugs
  • instructions for 3 game levels.

Ages 3+ years old