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Sonny Angels

Flower Gift | Sonny Angel

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They sold out within 20 minutes of release in the US and understandably why, they are so cute! 


A Sonny Angel Lion figure delivers flowers and warm feelings.
This new Sonny Angel special series is sure to be a new favourite among fans.
Sonny Angel Lions are presenting flowers and have manes decorated with matching blossoms.
The Sunflower, Daisy and Rose each has a specific meaning… longing, hope and beauty respectively.
These mini figures will help you convey your feelings of love and appreciation to the recipient.


We only have a limited stock for the Flower gift, so don't postpone to secure yours. Comes in 6 cute characters, what's your favourite flower?


6 characters to collect and may contain secret Robby Angel

Secret Angel: Sunflower Lion Rainbow


Robby Lion Rainbow Angel: