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Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $50

 Gifts under $50 delivered to your door

Christmas is upon us! Embrace it or avoid it, but silly season shopping awaits you. 

It’s the time of year when you (and every child on earth) make multiple lists and check them thrice. Shopping centres turn into hectic hubs of stressed shoppers.  

Kids want it all. Parents want quality, creative gifts under $50 that won't end up in the bin by Boxing Day. This year, make all your Christmas wishes come true so you can sidestep the shopping centre madness altogether. We've got 10 gifts under $50 that will make you and the kidlets smile on Christmas morning. 

Skip the Christmas rush with these gorgeous kids’ gifts under $50 

10. Bamboo Plates 

Who could resist the cuteness of lunch served on a plate in the shape of your favourite Aussie animal? Each eco-friendly bamboo plate is designed to keep food separated so your tiny toddler won't have a melt down in front of their tuna melt. These plates make brilliant serving platters for parties too. And they’re ideal for posting to loved ones overseas! 

Bamboo Plates Wooden Plates

image credit: @georgeandgouma 

9. Educational Posters

When the toy box is overflowing, don't break your brain to come up with alternative affordable presents. These stylish wall hangings will educate spongey minds and embellish plain panels. Printed in Melbourne on 100% recycled stock, these posters are practical, beautiful and environmental.

Educational Posters We Are Squared


8. Insulated Lunch Bag

A lunch bag is as useful as the day is long. Boys and girls of all ages will be proud to carry lunch in these fun and functional cooler bags. Choose from bright banana or chilled cactus designs that are easy to spot in the playground. Good for carrying baby bottles and they make great beach totes too!

Insulated Lunch Bag Banana Kollab


7. Bath Toys

The right bath accessory could even persuade the dog to get in the tub. The problem is most water toys are closed so you can't clean them and they become health risks. Not our Kid O Yellow Submarine! Kids will love to deconstruct it and snap it back together when all clean, just like them. 

Yellow Submarine Bath Toys (Kid O) with detachable white ends and red periscope

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6. Kitchen Toys

Food inspired toys are always a treat. This wooden sushi set is beautifully designed to look real. It even comes with wee chopsticks that get little fingers working, not to mention little minds... ummm, how do you hold these things again? Next stop – Tokyo!

Hape Sushi Set Pretend Food

5. Playful Puzzles 

Puzzles are loved by children of all ages, even adult-sized kids! They are perfect for engaging fingers, hands, and curious, growing minds. These wooden, brightly coloured puzzles hold children’s fascination and are built to last a lifetime. Great for practising patience, developing visual spatial awareness and problem solving skills. Quiet playtime makes for happy parents! 

Reversible Planet Puzzle Janod

4. Best Books

Children love books. It's not just about the story, it's about that undivided, quiet attention from Mum, Dad, Grandma – whoever the reader. Story telling is vital for impressionable young ones so choose positive books that will encourage confidence, creativity and courage. Our I AM series ticks all the boxes. There are even Christmas editions available!

I Am Series Positive Affirmation Books Tiny Paper Co.

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3. Travel Games

A gift for kids and parents alike, travel games aren't just for on the move. They are perfect for doctors' waiting rooms, cafes and visiting friends – any time the kids need to be entertained and you need time to “adult”. This is an inexpensive gift that keeps giving, year after year. 

Girl playing with Penguins Parade magnetic puzzle travel game

2. Brain Games

Challenge hungry heads with old school mind-twisting games like Katamino, an award-winning game with over 500 2D and 3D challenges in varying degrees of difficulty. Think of Tetris on the table instead of the screen. It also has a strategic game for two players so little ones can invite a friend to join in.

Katamino Wooden 3D Puzzle Tiny Paper Co.


1. LaQ, the affordable pressie for Lego lovers

Building blocks and sets are adored by kids, adults and educators. LaQ is a colourful set of construction tools that allows kids to be creative while learning. The multi-award winning toy is a favourite in Japan and throughout Asia. Parents will love the simplistic flat designs of the block – no more toe torture when you stumble on a stray piece. Hallelujah!

LaQ Construction Toy Tiny Paper Co. Australia


Toys under $50 | Tiny Paper Co.  


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Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $50 for Creative Kids | Tiny Paper Co.

About Diany: A former career as a banker couldn't be further from a career sourcing quality toys for children but Diany is perfectly happy with the latter. Even before her son was born Diany had always been a self confessed ‘Toy Enthusiast, so when she began running her local toy library in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, the spark for an idea was born - a toy store that offered a birthday registry that makes it easy for parents having to buy the gifts and for those parents receiving them on behalf of their child. Affectionately known as the 'Toy Lady' at school drop off, Diany carefully curates a selection of toys that have play based learning at their core and stand the test of time. Read more about Diany here





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